My Son’s Girlfriend Is Bisexual – And So Much More!

I couldn’t believe it; I was really going down on my son’s girlfriend in the master bedroom. My husband was on vacation and my son went to the grocery, while his girlfriend went to shower. She was staying the weekend with my son and myself, so they could get some alone time together. I think it was going to be my son’s first time, but obviously not his girlfriend’s.

It was obvious my son’s girlfriend is bisexual and so much more.

While I washed laundry in the back of the house, she came out of the shower naked and stalked me down. It was funny now, as I made her cum again and still more. Not that I took my son’s lover, before he had made her in bed, that wasn’t funny at all. In fact, it was embarrassing, but I didn’t care and made my tongue work itself in a frenzy.

When she had walked into the laundry room, I turned around surprised and she turned out the lights. It was just before midnight, as we kissed and I had fondled my way between her legs and betwixt them too. If she hadn’t given me the OK, I would never have done this on my own, but my husband has long left me sexless and frustrated as a woman, and as a wife.

I touched every inch of her body, as it shook off the orgasms, I clutched her ass cheeks. Making the girl coo, cry and swoon in such wonderful ways. I can’t believe she is so much younger, and I am everywhere inside her without any guilt or remiss, about this round one of this bisexual sex romp. I found myself having an orgasm too, simply humping the girl’s foot, shin, and thigh.

Next she and I traded positions, making ourselves more comfortable in the master bedroom. She brought out a glass dildo and then made herself useful between my thighs. She went down on me with the expertise of someone twice her age, and talked to me softly, calling out my name. Over and over again it made me wince, quiver and shiver. We finished quickly before my son returned home, but did it again that next morning while my son slept in late.

Still she and my son had not done anything together, and it was sad, because this was our second time in a night. So that afternoon, I commanded my son’s girlfriend to go and suck off his cock, and be quick with it. Then after she finished, I busted in the doorway unexpectedly, and commanded her to get on top of his cock, then hump him like a cowgirl until I said stop. By the time I ever did, she was weak with her arms flopping all about.

When she was so used up, I pulled her to my side. Then together my son’s girlfriend and I both did go down on him, sharing his cock and making him cum together for the very first time. This we continued in other new ways, until my husband returned home, the morning after the weekend was over.

So good it felt having such a wondrous bisexual and incestuous experience. One that I will never forget, but would so ever be willing to do over again someday.

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